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Five Signs You Need a Better Data Security Platform (DSP)

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In an era of rapid digital transformation, the security of your organization’s sensitive data is more crucial than ever. A robust data security platform (DSP) plays a critical role in protecting your valuable information assets from a wide array of cyber threats. 

As hackers become more sophisticated, employing advanced techniques like ransomware, phishing, and zero-day exploits, it’s imperative to keep your DSP up-to-date to effectively combat these ever-evolving threats. 

In this blog post, we delve into five key signs that it’s time to consider upgrading to a more powerful and versatile DSP.

1. Frequent data breaches

If your organization is experiencing recurring data breaches, this is a clear sign that your current data security platform isn’t providing the level of protection your data needs. A strong DSP should be able to identify vulnerabilities and prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information. Upgrading to a more comprehensive platform with advanced threat intelligence and monitoring capabilities can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and minimize their impact when they do occur.

2. Outdated technology

The field of data security is constantly evolving, with new technologies and best practices emerging regularly. If your current platform relies on outdated technology, such as only offering encryption at rest and in motion but not in use, it may not provide adequate protection against modern cyber threats. This is common with legacy homomorphic encryption solutions – every time data is accessed or queried, it becomes decrypted and thereby vulnerable to insider or outsider threats. As soon as data is being used it is decrypted, resulting in data that is left unsecured.

A cutting-edge data security platform will incorporate the latest technology, keeping data encrypted while it is in use, as well as in motion and at rest, to ensure your data remains secure in all stages of its lifecycle and regardless of location. 

3. Compliance concerns

Many industries have stringent data protection regulations that organizations must comply with to avoid hefty fines and reputational damage. If your current data security platform is not designed to address these compliance requirements, it can put your organization at risk. 

A better DSP should have built-in compliance management features, such as tracking in-depth access requests and utilization across all data types, to help your organization stay up-to-date with regulatory obligations.

4. Limited visibility and control

A lack of visibility into your organization’s data security posture can make it difficult to identify and remediate potential issues. If your current data security platform offers limited visibility and control over your data environment, it’s time to consider an upgrade. A modern DSP should provide you with a comprehensive overview of your security posture with real-time anomaly detection and alerts.

5. Poor integration and collaboration

An effective data security strategy relies on seamless integration and collaboration between various security tools and teams. If your current data security platform doesn’t integrate well with your existing security infrastructure, or if it hinders collaboration between teams, it’s likely not providing the level of protection your organization requires. 

A superior DSP should support seamless integration with your existing systems, as well as facilitate collaboration between different departments, ensuring a unified and effective approach to data security. Look for a solution with plug-and-play data protection, which lets you add any application or data asset without having to make code changes. 

Partner with Sotero

If any of these signs resonate with your organization’s current data security framework, it’s time to consider upgrading to a better data security platform. By investing in a comprehensive, cutting-edge solution, you’ll be better equipped to protect your organization’s sensitive data from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, maintain compliance, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuable information assets are secure. 

Sotero’s DSP ensures your sensitive data is never left unprotected. Automatically secure all your data instances and applications, regardless of source, location or lifecycle stage (at rest, in transit, or in use).

With Sotero, you can move from a fragmented, complex data security stack to one unified data security platform that manages your entire data security ecosystem. You’re no longer forced to go to point solutions to know who is accessing your data.

Schedule a demo today to discover how Sotero can help your organization with a defense in depth approach to data protection.



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