Technology Agnostic Data Protection At Scale

Plug-and-play data protection- add any application or data asset
without having to make code changes

IT Security organizations struggle to manage a multitude of data protection point solutions and disparage management platforms. Each of these requires user management, access configuration, and task monitoring. This makes the ability to gather meaningful analytics while identifying possible insider and outsider threats nearly impossible. On top of that, user experience is often affected and timely access to data is difficult.

Scalable, Seamless Data Protection Built To Withstand Future Threats

Sotero offers a single solution that is focused on the data, regardless of its location, and integrates with applications both on and off-site to put security controls on the data itself. This reduces the need for multiple-point solutions to protect the perimeter. With a single platform, access management and monitoring is simplified, creating efficiencies in your team’s day-to-day operations.
Unlike existing solutions, there is no requirement to modify or customize your applications to work with Sotero. Easily integrate with applications without requiring server-side software or code changes to rapidly onboard into your existing infrastructure. The Sotero data protection platform also works alongside your existing security information and event management (SIEM) systems, enhancing them with additional protections to reduce breaches and data loss. Sotero provides a wide range of integration capabilities beyond applications working against static data: JDBC, ODBC, API frameworks.

Sotero supports the most popular applications and database types, including:

oracle db

If your application or database is not listed here, please contact Sotero for the complete list by submitting the form at the bottom of this page.