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Data Privacy & Data Compliance

With data privacy at the top of executive’s minds, Sotero helps your organization meet these stringent regulatory, & data governance standards by tracking in-depth access requests and utilization across all data types. This bundled with advanced machine learning, Sotero’s in use encryption technology, and anomaly detection keeps all your data types protected anywhere and all the time.

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Maintaining data compliance with regulatory, legal and data governance mandates requires knowing who has access to what data and to what extent. Tracking data utilization in the cloud is challenging.


Sotero enables data privacy by tracking data usage across all data types and data sources, using advanced machine learning to analyze access records and detect variations in access times, locations, and data elements. Patented in use encryption technology and anomaly detection identify and block compromised accounts from accessing data before they become a data privacy regulation violation.


With Sotero, organizations track and record all access requests across databases and files to meet stringent data compliance requirements. Sotero is easy to integrate with no server-side software and no code changes. The seamless implementation protects data without any impact on the user experience. Encryption of sensitive data provides safe harbor protection, rendering data inaccessible even if it is stolen.

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