Sotero Empowers You to Protect All Your Sensitive Data

Sotero is founded upon two core principles

First and foremost, to protect the assets that attackers are actually after your data.

And, just as critical, to simplify data security management by giving security teams complete control over their entire data security ecosystem.

Two principles that are empowering security professionals around the world to reimagine data security, while enabling entirely new possibilities for their organizations.

We Can Relate

Sotero’s founders have walked in your shoes

As technology leaders at data-centric companies, our founders experienced the security challenges that you face every day. They struggled with the security vulnerabilities that went overlooked by solution providers. And they faced the pressures that come with the responsibility of protecting an organization’s sensitive data.

So, they set out to do something about it.

The Result

Launched in 2019, the Sotero data security platform is benefitting organizations in which data security is mission critical, from pharma to healthcare, services to government.

The foundation of the Sotero platform is the industry’s first extensible data security fabric – a framework that delivers the advances security professionals have long been waiting for:

  • True single pane management of the entire data security ecosystem
  • Breakthrough data security capabilities that fill the gaps that put organizations at risk

And the results have been groundbreaking.

The Game Changer

Sotero has changed the game, not only for security teams, but also for organizations that have been held back by data security limitations. With Sotero, our customers no longer view data security as a business obstacle, but as a competitive advantage – one that enables a broad range of impactful business outcomes.

  • Rapid, secure data sharing to power use cases that rely on timely use of data
  • Higher revenue by meeting customers’ and partners’ strict data security requirements without compromising data security
  • Leverage the cloud and realize its benefits with complete control over your  sensitive data

Just the Beginning

Though our customers are reaping the rewards, we’re not standing still

We see a future in which Information Security Teams are empowered to address business challenges. Where users are enabled rather than held back. And where organizations can meet their true potential.

With Sotero’s revolutionary technology, organizations now have a newfound freedom to innovate, evolve, and grow.

Set Yourself Free

From the struggles caused by complex security ecosystems. And the challenges of securing all your sensitive data. Challenges that no longer hamper innovation throughout your organization.

Sotero is about this freedom. A freedom that is no longer a mere aspiration – but a reality.