Sotero Empowers You to Protect All Your Sensitive Data

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Sotero is founded on two core principles

  1. To protect organizations’ most critical assets – their sensitive data – more comprehensively than any other data security solution.
  2. Simplify and scale data security for all data types through a single platform.

These two principles empower business and security teams to take a defense in depth approach to data security to enable data users and foster business innovation.

We Can Relate

Our founders have walked in your shoes

As technology leaders at data-centric companies, our founders experienced the security challenges you face every day. They struggled with the security vulnerabilities that were overlooked by solution providers. And they faced the pressures that come with the responsibility of protecting an organization’s sensitive data.

This drove Shanthi and Purandar to turn their ideas and principles into reality.


The Game Changer

Sotero has changed the game, not only for security teams, but also for organizations that have been held back by data security limitations. With Sotero, our customers no longer view data security as a business obstacle, but as a competitive advantage – one that enables a broad range of impactful business outcomes.

  • Rapid, secure data sharing to power use cases that rely on timely use of data
  • Higher revenue by meeting customers’ and partners’ strict data security requirements without compromising data security
  • Leverage the cloud and realize its benefits with complete control over your sensitive data
  • Real-time threat detection at the data level to detect, isolate and stop all malicious activity including zero-day attacks.

Redefining Data Security

Through Sotero our co-founders are redefining data security with cutting-edge technology to fill the unsolved gaps in the modern age of data security.

The purpose-built data security platform solves the age-old dilemma of keeping data secure while making it easily accessible to business users, with unparalleled low performance degradation. The technology can be seamlessly integrated into any ecosystem with no customizations to rapidly protect all data types.