At the Forefront of Data Security

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Sotero, a trailblazing data security company, is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape with its innovative DSPM+ (Data Security Posture Management) and DDR (Data Detection and Response) solutions. We stand by the principle that “seeing is securing,” deploying advanced AI and ML to classify sensitive data, assess and stop risks in real-time, and bolster defenses.

Sotero was born from the need to:

Sotero was conceived with the dual purpose of providing comprehensive, cutting-edge data security solutions that safeguard an organization’s most critical assets, their sensitive data, and streamlining the process of data security across all data types through a single, seamless data security platform. Our groundbreaking solutions empower businesses and security teams to adopt a robust defense approach to data security. This innovative perspective fosters creativity and empowers data users, reinforcing our commitment to transform data security from a challenge into a growth catalyst.

Our Innovations

Our founders have been in your shoes and created solutions for the challenges they faced firsthand.

Motivated by their experiences, our founders transformed their ideas into reality, setting a new standard in the realm of data security. The DSPM+ solution is at the heart of our approach, using AI to identify sensitive data, evaluate risks, and strengthen security measures. This helps businesses maintain compliance and fend off ransomware attacks.

Complementing DSPM+ is our DDR solution, a digital shield that detects and halts cyber threats in real-time. It ensures uninterrupted business operations, even in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Transforming the Data Security Landscape

What sets Sotero apart is our comprehensive data security offering. We provide:

  • AI-enabled data discovery and classification
  • Risk analysis to identify and categorize potential vulnerabilities
  • Access management to ensure only authorized users and applications can access sensitive data
  • Security for all data types, regardless of location
  • Continuous monitoring and governance with real-time threat detection and advanced machine learning
  • An extensive audit dashboard providing granular insights to eliminate non-compliance
  • Innovative ransomware protection capable of halting attacks in as little as 77 seconds, including zero-day attacks

These features underscore our commitment to helping organizations expand their digital operations without fear of data breaches. With Sotero, data security transitions from being a hurdle to a catalyst for growth.

At Sotero, we prioritize your data’s security and invite you to experience the difference that innovative, comprehensive data security can make for your organization.