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Simplify Data Security With A 360-Degree View

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IT security professionals continue to be forced to cobble together numerous security solutions, making data security increasingly difficult to manage. This fragmented approach to data security has led to disparate data silos, security gaps, and substantial complexity.

In fact, IT security people often tell us that they don’t know where all of their sensitive data resides, when data is being accessed and by whom, and which data remains unclassified.

Industry experts have talked for years about the need for security professionals to get a 360-degree view of their data security ecosystem, however there’s little advice on how to accomplish just that. It’s a great aspiration, but one that has gone without a solution for too long.

Sotero set out to solve this problem with the industry’s first extensible data security fabric. The Sotero data security fabric is helping IT security professionals realize the goal of managing their data security ecosystems through a single pane, for a true 360-degree to view.

The Sotero data security fabric is the foundation of Sotero’s data security platform. It’s an extensible framework that unifies an organization’s entire data security stack into one environment. It provides a uniform solution to address the many data security issues across an entire organization, while giving security people that centralized view into their data security estate through a single pane.

The benefits of the Sotero data security fabric go beyond solving the complexity challenges caused by managing numerous point solutions. The fabric also fills data security gaps that many organizations continue to face.

Organizations can simply plug an existing application, data store or point solution through the fabric and the application or data store and it automatically inherits the data security capabilities in the fabric – such as data in use encryption, real-time anomaly detection, cloud key management and other security features missing from their capabilities.

The Sotero data security fabric also enables security professionals to efficiently and cost effectively manage the continual change as new technologies emerge. The Sotero fabric is technology agnostic, and it provides plug-and-play interoperability.

No changes are required to applications or data assets. Simply point any application or data asset at the fabric and sensitive information is automatically identified and secured with policy-based security throughout the data lifecycle – at rest, in motion and in use. You never have to worry about what database technology you are using because you can associate any database with the Sotero data security fabric.

Today, data security professionals are struggling to achieve consistent data security measures throughout their organizations, to eliminate unnecessary complexity in IT operations and reduce the need to make changes to business applications. This is no longer the case with the Sotero data security fabric.

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