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Good-Bye to Data Security Fragmentation Complexity

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Companies today are faced with a fundamental security conundrum. Their networks, applications and end-user devices are made up of a patchwork of dozens if not hundreds of vendor solutions. None of them really interoperate with any of the other vendors’ security solutions. In most cases, security solutions from the same vendor don’t even coordinate among themselves. As a result, companies are left with no choice but to try and patch security fragments together and hope nothing slips through the cracks.

Sound familiar?

Now, here’s a fun fact . . . this is actually an excerpt from a Network World article published on April 13, 2011!

Unfortunately for IT security people, nearly eleven years later, not much has changed.

We hear it again and again from IT security people with whom we speak – they continue to struggle with managing countless IT security solutions and platforms.  The reality for many is that managing the complexity of their fragmented data security ecosystems is more challenging than managing the data breaches threats!

It is this data security management complexity that Sotero set out to solve with the Sotero data security fabric. As the underlying framework of the Sotero data security platform, the technology-agnostic Sotero data security fabric consolidates all of your organization’s data instances, applications and point security products into one centralized, easy-to-manage environment. Organizations are no longer required to deploy multiple security products to protect each data asset or storage platform.

The fabric is designed for interoperability at scale. There is no requirement to modify or customize your applications. Simply add an application, database or data asset to the fabric without the need to change any code, and it automatically benefits from all of Sotero’s data security and single pane management capabilities.

The Sotero fabric ensures that data is protected wherever it resides – on premise, in the cloud or at the edge. It also protects any data asset – relational database, unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data.

With the Sotero data security fabric, you can move from a fragmented, complex data security stack to one unified data security fabric that provides 360° management of your entire data security ecosystem.

If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to download the Sotero data security platform white paper.

Schedule a demo today to learn how the Sotero data security platform can help you simplify management of your data security ecosystem.


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