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The Bottom Line – How Sotero Contributes to Your Business Outcomes

With Sotero, your business stands to gain a wide array of benefits.

Comprehensive Data Protection

All-in-one DSPM with DDR to actively neutralize any malicious activity, providing robust multi-layered protection against threats beyond ransomware.

Cost Efficiency

DSPM and DDR from a single platform, saving organizations from investing in multiple solutions and reducing management time and resources.

Uninterrupted Business Continuity

Detect and stop cyber threats in an average 77 seconds for seamless business operations without compromising user experience.

Stakeholder Trust

Bolsters trust among your customers, partners, and employees, to enhance your organization’s comprehensive data security reputation.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements for data security, to avoid penalties and maintain a positive standing with regulatory bodies.


Robust, scalable architecture to grow with your organization. Expand your digital operations without fear of data breaches.

Choose Sotero: The Gold Standard in Data Protection

Sotero is unique in its capability to offer comprehensive data security through its DSPM and DDR features. These include:

Data Discovery & Classification

AI-enabled to let users define and manage sensitivity levels of specific data attributes.

Risk Analysis

Identify potential vulnerabilities and categorize them based on severity and threat potential.

Access Management

Only authorized users and applications have access to sensitive data based on predefined roles and policies.

Data Security for All Data Types

Comprehensive data security for structured and unstructured data, regardless of location.

Continuous Monitoring and Governance

Monitor all access requests and changes to your data with real-time threat detection and advanced ML.


Extensive audit dashboard with granular insights to eliminate non-compliance.

Ransomware Protection

Stops attacks in 77 seconds, including Zero-day attacks.

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