Cloud Data Security &
Ransomware Protection

Data security that puts you in control and lets your team focus on their day-to-day.


Management of all data assets, applications and stores with one platform, saving cost and sprawl.


Layered security approach through encryption, RBAC, and anomaly detection.


Securely share third-party data enabling innovation without impact to user experience.


Detect, isolate and stop all malicious activity in real time.

Learn how to save cycles while keeping your data secure.

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“As a cloud-based platform in healthcare, the ability to secure PHI is a key aspect of our data security commitment to our clients. Sotero enables us to meet and exceed these requirements. We chose Sotero because it allows us to keep PHI data secure during access.”

Murali Menon Founder/CTO – ClinicalBox

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Save and simplify with one platform

Sotero protects all your data — enabling innovation and faster time-to-value from data while reducing the security team’s cycles.

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Secure at the core

Sotero’s unique defense in-depth strategy permits your organization to be compliant, secure, and reduces the blast radius of a breach.

Core Concepts

Share data with peace of mind

Unleash the power of your data – co-mingled, matched, and shared securely in high-volume to be processed quickly and with ease.

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Stop ransomware
on the spot

Signature & pattern-based anomaly detection and machine learning detect, isolate, and stop breaches immediately, saving you costly recovery time.

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What our customers are saying

Our customers are driving impact by solving gaps with Sotero’s cutting-edge data security technology.

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