Top 10 Startups of 2021

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Startup to Follow began as a platform promoting the latest and hottest startup companies, changing the world with their innovative ideas in all areas of life. Here are Startup to Follow’s Top 10 Startups of 2021

– December 27, 2021

Startup to Follow began as a platform promoting the latest and hottest startup companies, changing the world with their innovative ideas in all areas of life. Here are Startup to Follow’s Top 10 Startups of 2021:


Amphy is the largest marketplace for live classes, connecting and enriching humanity through knowledge. Millions of people, from kids to pensioners, have fallen in love with accessible live video education and entertainment, and Amphy is where they get it. Whether you want a private yoga class, to cook pasta with a MasterChef, learn a new language or have their kids learn guitar, Amphy offers the opportunity to do it all live.

Connecting amazing teachers to an audience previously inaccessible, students now have the luxury of high-quality, interactive learning from the comforts of their own home. The live classes keep students engaged and committed, and provide a fun and exciting new learning experience.

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HomeZada is a digital home management platform that empowers consumers to manage, maintain, protect and improve their largest financial asset and biggest expense, their home. The platform combines multiple apps, content and data to help homeowners save money and improve time management in their home. Additionally, HomeZada has an advertising platform to connect homeowners to products and services they need in order to manage their home, from home improvement, contractors, home equity and insurance products.

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Cybellum enables manufacturers to develop and maintain secure connected products. Their cybersecurity management platform lets product security teams control risk throughout the product lifespan. By generating a Cybellum Digital Twin, an identical replica of each device component used for security analysis, Cybellum enables risk assessment and vulnerability management without accessing the device hardware or source code. Their mission is to bring the visibility and agility required to proactively secure connected devices.

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Sotero is the global innovator and leader in next generation zero trust for data security. Sotero’s data security platform enables their customers with a way to protect data anytime, anywhere, regardless of data store, integration mechanisms and user tools. The platform is able to control, access,operate and use data to extract information that drives organizations’ business outcomes and innovations. The Sotero fabric provides confidence for an organization to adopt new technologies and drive innovation.

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Dibbs is a bidding marketplace for construction materials and services. Dibbs is revolutionizing the construction industry with technology, allowing a larger network for suppliers, contractors, and homeowners to compete, win bids, and make transactions. Users can receive and compare bids based on budget, timeline, and quality of work. The marketplace is built to improve infrastructure, increase construction sales and provide access to more jobs. This is a unique, all-in-one technology that is aimed to provide suppliers, contractors, and homeowners choice, quality, and the lowest prices.

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Safe Air Systems Technology

Safe Air Systems Technology (SAST) is a health, energy and sustainability startup specializing in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), monitoring and detection, treatment and data collection. SAST provides a holistic approach to healthy buildings, creating spaces in which occupants feel safe from indoor air pathogens. It is the only Building Health Management System™ with a comprehensive IAQ management plan supported by real-time technology and data analytics that are interpreted into actionable insights for building stakeholders.

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Realtime Robotics

Realtime Robotics transforms automation with flexible robot control capabilities, built on its innovative, real-time collision-free motion planning technology. Realtime’s products enable single or multiple robots to operate autonomously at full speed in unstructured and uncaged environments. It empowers companies to automate more processes by removing engineering complexity and reducing cycle time, lowering overall expenses.

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Honey & Roses Coffee

Honey & Roses Coffee Co. digitizes the cafe experience, bringing it straight to the comfort of your own home. Honey & Roses Coffee is the ultimate cafe curator, selecting and discovering the nation’s best roasters and an array of bakers, chocolatiers and craftsmen across the US. There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning and having a cup of coffee, and with Honey & Roses Coffee, customers can experience the taste of coffee from around the world, and partake in the community of coffee lovers. Additionally, the company expanded to include homeware and sweets and treats.

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WIRL is a marketplace used to connect healthcare workers suffering from burnout and/or stress with wellness deals and solutions. As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, healthcare workers have been working harder than ever, as experienced by WIRL’s founder, a health care worker herself. These workers are essential, and whilst they focus on the health and wellness of their patients, it is extremely important to ensure their own health and wellbeing as well. WIRL prioritizes the needs of the healthcare workers, ensuring they have access to any services they require in order to cope with their stress under high pressure, and in order to prevent burnouts.

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realLINGUA offers a natural way to learn languages using video and AI. It values digital content over the outdated rote methods. RealLINGUA uses computational linguistics to serve up actual native-speaker content with high-frequency words and phrases in a multiplicity of contexts. Through using realLINGUA, customers make a quantum leap in their language-learning by exposing them to the language that is actually spoken by native speakers. This makes realLINGUA’s approach the closest method to the way humans would naturally learn language.

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Startup to Follow has other amazing startups featured on our platform, from education to culinary to fashion industries. Each startup is unique and innovative in its own way. Here are other amazing startups to check out:


Orchyd is a gender inclusive overall health tracking app that never sells data and is completely customizable to the user. It also offers telemedicine at $29 per day with no insurance needed, lower than the national copay, because everyone should have access to the care they need. Users can track any symptom, color customize and share any information they wish, or keep their tracking information private. Orchyd believes that everyone, regardless of ethnicity or socioeconomic background, should have access to the right health advice and medicine when they need it.

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SPACE creates unique products for the home and work space. The first product SPACE created was The Space Safe. SPACE took the latest technology on the market in order to create the best safe. With this technology, the customer is notified via the application if someone attempts to access their safe. Features include LCD display, internal and external cameras, biometric sensors and tamper sensors. The Space Safe is the first of a long line of safe products SPACE plans to release, as well as develop other cool and practical products for everyday life and space.

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Ensembl keeps meetings on point and on time with automated and smart tools, which support your team’s goals before, during and after any gathering, whether it is in person, online or both. Ensembl provides an efficient path for customers to transition from their strategic plans to actualization of their vision of results and successes, through efficient group work and meeting management. Ensembl allows customers to be able to host meetings with teams in the same room, around the world, or both.

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BostonCoin is the world’s first diversified crypto fund. The team at BostonCoin makes it simple and safe for investors to benefit from the emerging market of cryptocurrency; whether one wishes to choose “DIY” or have someone manage a portfolio for them. Investors of BostonCoin can safely manage risk and diversification in one easy package. Investors in BostonCoin saw gains up to 300% during the pandemic, even whilst the stock markets and bitcoin went down 60%. BostonCoin has impacted its investors in a very favorable way.

Learn more about BostonCoin here

Affordable Chic

Affordable Chic curates high quality and European style clothing at bargain prices. Affordable Chic aims to bridge the large gap between fast fashion and luxury brands though selecting high quality clothing and European styles at under prices under $100. Women want timeless but not faddish clothing, and especially after the pandemic, women are even more financially prudent, but still want to feel chic and beautiful. Quality fashion should be available to everyone without breaking the bank.

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Izba is a Supply Chain Consulting, Outsourcing, and Technology firm with operations throughout the world. They support building and optimizing supply chains of startups in all phases of growth by leveraging Fortune 500 experience. Their goal is to help their customers scale their companies quickly while freeing leaders to focus on other aspects of your business. They’ve worked with dozens of brands globally (Hubble Contacts, Kind, Mirror, The Flex Company, Grove Collaborative, etc) and pride themselves on building flexible long term relationships with clients.

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