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The Log4j Vulnerability: A Patch and Proactive Framework

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Log4j is a frequently used open-source logging framework distributed by the Apache group. Well-known public services in addition to about a third of the world’s web servers utilize Log4j. As almost everyone is aware by now, on December 9, 2021, the log4j package (CVE-2021-44228) disclosed a remote code execution vulnerability. This vulnerability allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code on machines utilizing the logging functionality of the log4j package. This vulnerability is now called Log4Shell.

Sotero stays abreast of emerging threat vectors and vulnerabilities. The Sotero Data Security Platform is affected by the Log4Shell vulnerability. Our team has identified a fix for the log4j vulnerability been diligently working through a release process for the patch that we will help our customers release into their environments.

If you are new to Sotero, we’d love to share with you how we can help you in the event of such a vulnerability. The most important item to note is that while today’s vulnerability may be log4j, tomorrow it will be an even more sophisticated vulnerability that is exposed for hackers to take advantage of. A lot of technology vulnerabilities are ones that have yet to be found, which means that organizations can only focus on each vulnerability as it is found. However, organizations can take action to best protect themselves for when these unfortunate vulnerabilities come to light. Sotero recommends a two-step approach that puts your organization in control of their most valuable asset – their data.

  1. Encrypt and protect all sensitive data anytime, anywhere
    By ensuring that sensitive data is encrypted not just while data is at rest, but also while data is in motion or in use, sensitive elements are protected from hackers’ prying eyes, regardless of what vulnerability surfaces. Sotero’s patented encryption technology is able to keep data encrypted at all times, unlike traditional encryption solutions available to date.

  2. Anomaly detection
    If an attacker is able to obtain access to your environment, Sotero’s real time, machine learning anomaly detection capabilities would trigger an alert and immediately stop malicious activity from occurring.

Not sure if this is the right approach for you? We invite you to try our revolutionary technology that is extremely powerful, yet easy to use for yourself.

Please contact us to set up your free trial today. You’ll be able to utilize a sample, dummy dataset to try your hand at streamlined, easy to use, yet incredibly complex data security technology.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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