In-Use Encryption, Tokenization & Masking

In-Use Encryption Helps Organizations Achieve Better Business Outcomes

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Traditional data encryption technology carries a major hurdle that most of us are all too familiar with; it protects data only when data is at rest (disk encryption) or in transit via secure communication methods such as SSL and TLS.  These shortfalls make it near impossible for companies to protect sensitive data when the data is in use by on-premise or cloud applications.

Companies are solving this problem with “in-use encryption.

In-use encryption ensures that organizations can protect sensitive data whether at rest, in motion, or in use.  In-use Encryption secures the data itself, not just the application, database, or network in which it resides. These capabilities enable a new world for using, sharing, and monetizing data, securely and with confidence – to deliver powerful business outcomes for a range of mission-critical use cases.

  • Companies are accelerating data’s time-to-value, powering faster data analysis and product development.
  • Enterprise software providers are adding higher levels of data security to their platforms to attract new customers and create new revenue streams.
  • Global companies can anonymize or secure EU data stored in the U.S., and make it available in a secure manner to EU consumers.
  • Companies with multiple data stores can have one unified platform to protect sensitive data in all multiple data stores from a single platform.
  • Cloud data protection takes on a new meaning for organizations that are cautious about moving sensitive data to the cloud. With in-use encryption, organizations can now prevent their cloud services provider from being able to view or access their data. In addition, with in-use encryption, the company, rather than the cloud services provider, own the encryption keys.

These are a just a handful of some of the ways companies are leveraging in-use encryption to better protect sensitive data and generate stronger business outcomes. We invite you to read the white paper to learn more.


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