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Data Security Advances Help Companies Drive Business Innovation

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Hot off the presses is a new data security strategy brief to help business leaders bridge the gap between data security limitations and business outcomes: How Data Security Advances Help Companies Drive Business Innovation.

This strategy brief details how organizations overcame the shortcomings inherent in traditional data security solutions to drive previously unattainable revenue opportunities and mission-critical use cases.

For most organizations, the rationale for employing data security solutions is crisis mitigation associated with potential data breaches – driven by compliance regulations, possible fines and reputation loss. There is, however, another compelling rationale for strong data security program that a growing number of companies are embracing: to drive business and revenue opportunities and to advance mission-critical business uses cases.

Today’s reality is that limitations in existing data security solutions and cloud data security, have been holding companies back from moving real business opportunities forward. The strategy brief explores the business obstacles that three companies faced due to data security limitations, and outlines how these companies used Sotero’s data security platform to overcome these obstacles and generate positive business outcomes in three vital areas:

    1. Customer acquisition/retention, stalled by the inability to meet customers’ data security requirements.
    2. Onboarding new customers/partners, due to the inability to securely share data.
    3. Mission-critical use cases, caused by slow, manual data workflows.

The paper is designed for business leaders looking to overcome business impediments caused by data security concerns and limitations and provides a fresh look at data security from a true business perspective.

We invite you to download your copy today.


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