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Secure data sharing
across complex

Pharmaceutical companies, national retailers and other large organizations depend on effective data management and data analytics to unlock the power of their data. Unfortunately, sharing data across the organization so that it can be analyzed and operationalized poses real privacy and security risks. As a result, extracting value from data gets bogged down in cumbersome, inefficient and, worst of all, insecure processes.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, many leading companies in healthcare, pharma, financial services and retail have found a secure and scalable way to maximize the value of their data. The key is an innovative method for encrypting data that makes it possible to search, analyze and process data without exposing it to risk or imposing any performance tax on users.


A revolution in Data Encryption

At Sotero, we have developed an approach to encrypting data in use that is truly revolutionary. We make possible what many believed impossible.

Through our proprietary technology, Sotero ensures that data remains encrypted even while being searched, analyzed, moved, processed or shared. What’s more, it does so without degrading performance, requiring complicated integrations or creating new security vulnerabilities.

No matter where your customer’s data lives or what you want to do with it, Sotero keeps it encrypted AND usable.

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What Partners
Are Saying

As a cloud based platform in healthcare, data security to secure PHI is a key aspect of our commitments to our clients. Sotero enables us to meet those commitments and exceed them. The ability to keep PHI secure during use is a key differentiator.

Murali Menon
Founder/CTO – ClinicalBox

Sotero offers breakthrough technology that is simple to use and solves the toughest enterprise data security issues across a wide range of use cases and business needs. And with the power, scalability, and hybrid cloud capabilities of Yellowbrick’s data warehouse, enterprises can benefit from rapid access to and insights from their data—without worrying about security, compliance, or privacy concerns, which are all handled seamlessly for any type of Yellowbrick deployment.

Allen Holmes
Vice President of Business Development, Yellowbrick Data

Encrypting data, particularly for cloud data platforms, is a powerful way to secure sensitive information at rest, but is a very high-effort task to accomplish. Sotero has found the solution by building a product to do the hardest parts. This technology is a game changer.

Andrew Lance
Founder and Principal – Sidechain Security

The Sotero Difference

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Unlike other data security providers of data, Sotero keeps data encrypted AND usable across the lifecycle.

Sotero is database agnostic. We can encrypt data in use whatever database solution or solutions you rely on. This helps prevent tool sprawl.

Sotero can be installed on prem or accessed via the cloud.

Sotero improves the user experience for you and your customers by maintaining encryption without degrading performance.

Sotero easily integrates with your existing security and IT infrastructure.

Thanks to this ease of integration and database agnosticism, Sotero can scale with you as you grow.

Sotero also offers ongoing anomaly detection to identify suspicious attempts to access data along with automated response and quarantine capabilities.

Key Benefits

Client trust

Live up to your evolving privacy and security commitments to your customers.

Revenue growth

Attract new business with the increased trust while leveraging opportunities to monetize the data.


Ability to move clients to new platforms and tackle competitive environments with ease.


Have a more efficient security offering and avoided cost of building and support.


How Sotero Compares

  • Sotero encrypts data in use without a loss in performance. Others do not.

  • Sotero offers field level encryption. Others do not.

  • Sotero is database agnostic. Others are not.

  • Sotero offers ease of use, integration and scalability. Others do not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get an instance up and running?

A couple of days is all it takes.

What happens if we decide it’s not for us?

Backing out is easy. We provide utilities to reverse the whole process.

I want to integrate Sotero with my 3rd-party tools. Do you have an API?

Yes, we have a REST API available, which allows for simple integration with third-party technologies.

What kind of latency should our customers expect?

Our technology introduces only minimal latency (imperceptible by the user) into the process, as we scale horizontally and linearly to mitigate it.

Do Detect and Prevent offer real-time analysis of logs for identifying real-time potential threats?

Yes, our ML and AI components will alert or stop processes identified as malicious. This is configurable by the customer.

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