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Thales Vormetric End of Life: A Superior & Effortless Alternative to the CipherTrust Migration

Thales has announced the Vormetric Data Security Platform products as end-of-sale and end-of-sale effective June 30, 2023 and end-of-life June 30, 2024. Customers have the option to migrate to the CipherTrust Data Security Platform or they can upgrade to Sotero’s Data Security Platform, solving for known vulnerabilities.

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Because the Vormetric Data Security Platform products’ end-of-life is coming up quickly, organizations have to either migrate to the CipherTrust product line, or seek alternatives to protect their sensitive data. Having to migrate to a new solution requires testing and implementation, which opens up the opportunity to more advanced solutions that are able to provide data protection without the following gaps. Vormetric is not a cloud-based solution and requires agents on all servers. It has operating system dependencies that require upgrades and temporary outages. It is also database dependent and does not apply to files.


Sotero’s data security platform only takes days instead of weeks to install. It is technology agnostic and does not require code changes. This means you can implement and test Sotero well ahead of Vormetric’s data security platform end-of-life. Sotero’s capabilities allow you to keep data encrypted and protected while it is being access and analyzed in addition to protecting it at rest and in motion. Sotero protects cloud deployments, allowing you to take advantage of real-time threat detection to identify malicious access attempts.


Sotero is easy to implement in the cloud and technolog agnostic, allowing Vormetric users to onboard Sotero in days rather than weeks. Sotero’s queryable encryption resolves the vulnerability of leaving data unprotected while in use to create a fully secure infrastructure. By replacing your existing Thales / Vormetric encryption with Sotero’s modern data security platform instead of migrating to CypherTrust, your organization can solve previous data security gaps to keep your most sensitive data protected at all times, regardless of data type and where it’s located.

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