Oh, the places your data goes.

The client data journey has never been more complex. Crossing local, cloud and partner servers, vulnerability is everywhere—and no one is watching over everything. It’s why data security is the single biggest weakness in modern application environments.

Typical network security solutions fall short: most data breaches occur inside protected environments with network security and user validation. The only solution is to enforce privacy at the source: the data level.

Encrypt Your Data, And Keep It That Way

With our Protect module, any data or information in the query is encrypted.

The query result returns “encrypted data” to the user, where it can be safely accessed within any app. As a driver-level solution, no application code or server-side software is ever needed. And despite delivering industry-standard AES-256 encryption, KeepEncrypt™ adds only minimal latency.

So relax: this is a seamless implementation that won’t disrupt business as usual.

No Detection Like Real-Time Detection

Our Detect modules uses machine learning to identify suspicious access attempts in real-time.

By modeling baseline user data usage, even hard-to-spot “spoofing” anomalies are immediately detected alongside conventional “smash and grab” hacks.

How does it work? Every single transaction is assigned a Threat Score using a range of smart metrics. When a transaction exceeds thresholds you set, Sotero Detect will immediately notify you or quarantine the transaction. Is John accessing data he doesn’t normally need? Is Jane running a massive query on her day off? Detect performs this due diligence in real-time, around the clock.

Once you go real-time, you never go back.

Quarantine & Carry On

Prevent takes action so you don’t have to.

Any suspicious access request can be instantly quarantined or stopped. Simply set your security thresholds, and suspicious queries will be stopped before they ever run in the first place.

With data this safe, you can truly enjoy the freedom to innovate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get an instance up and running? A couple of days is all it takes.
What happens if I decide it’s not for me? Backing out is easy. We provide utilities to reverse the whole process.
I want to integrate Sotero with my 3rd-party tools. Do you have an API? Yes, we have a REST API available, which allows for simple integration with third-party technologies.
Do you offer white labeling? Yes. Please contact us at bobdoyle@soterosoft.com.
What kind of latency should I expect? Our technology introduces only minimal latency (imperceptible by the user) into the process, as we scale horizontally and linearly to mitigate it.
Do Detect and Prevent offer real-time analysis of logs for identifying real-time potential threats? Yes, our ML and AI components will alert or stop processes identified as malicious. This is configurable by the customer.
Without Sotero
  • Data that’s encrypted only at rest poses a risk whenever it’s in use.

  • Focusing on protecting data only in production leaves data vulnerable in non-production and staging environments, over which you have little or no control.

  • Cloud environments and other SAAS/IAAS services can’t necessarily be trusted: they own your data, access to it, and access to the encryption keys.

  • Focusing just on external threats leaves you vulnerable to internal threats. Unsecured data is potentially vulnerable to internal manipulation, which often goes undiscovered for weeks.

With Sotero
  • Data can be accessed with full functionality, while remaining encrypted, with no security compromise.

  • Your data is always encrypted, no matter what employees, partners, or other entities are accessing it.

  • SAAS/IAAS services can be embraced with the confidence that your data is never visible, regardless of any security or privacy deficiencies in these services.

  • Anomaly Detection in data-level security is intelligently monitored in real-time, and any anomaly can be immediately quarantined.

Being Secure with Sotero has its Benefits

Loved by CEOs & CISOs: seamless data-level security can grow your business.

Easily integrated: Applications and location-agnostic, no server-side software.

Fully compliant: HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, & more.

Compatible with everything: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Hadoop, Avalanche, Snowflake, Yellowbrick, Postgres, MongoDB & more.

No more tool sprawl: One product for all your data.

Encrypt AES-256: encryption at rest, in-use, and in motion.

Take a look at a truly encrypted future, with no data left unsecure.

What Sotero’s Customers Are Saying

As a cloud based platform in healthcare, data security to secure PHI is a key aspect of our commitments to our clients. Sotero enables us to meet those commitments and exceed them. The ability to keep PHI secure during use is a key differentiator.

Murali Menon
Founder/CTO – ClinicalBox

Our partnership with Sotero has allowed Axis to provide a complete GDPR solution for our clients. With Sotero we can address production use cases and provide users with a consolidated reporting environment while allowing data sharing with external entities. We see Sotero as a solution for many previously challenging use cases in the future.

Michael Logan
CEO – AXIS Technologies, LLC

Sotero enables me to provide my customers with data security and privacy. It helps in attracting new customers and frees me to focus my efforts on expanding my products and capabilities.

Ravikiran Dharmavarm
CEO – Exafluence
Health Care Analytics Provider

Encrypting data, particularly for cloud data platforms, is a powerful way to secure sensitive information at rest, but has traditionally been a very high-effort task to accomplish. Sotero has found the solution by building a product to do the hardest parts. Customers can now seamlessly encrypt data which remains encrypted during use for cloud use cases without the burden of spending countless development cycles. This technology is a game changer.

Andrew Lance
Founder and Principal – Sidechain Security

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