Sotero Protect. The new data encryption standard for using, sharing and monetizing data.

Sotero Protect is the next-generation data encryption solution that enables organizations to encrypt data in use and data in motion – to realize faster time-to-value from mission-critical data.

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Use And Share Data In Its Encrypted State

Today’s data encryption solutions don’t protect data in use, limiting the value of that data for so many mission-critical use cases.

With Sotero Protect, data remains encrypted while in use, in motion, and at rest – regardless of location. Even if a breach occurs, the data remains encrypted.

It’s a higher level of data security that lets you capture greater value from your data – and for your business.

Gain Faster Time-To-Value From Your Data

Sotero Protect “in-use data encryption” gives your organization the security it needs to use and share data without risk – to realize faster time-to-value from its data, and achieve better business outcomes.

+ Attract new customers
+ Open new revenue streams
+ Accelerate development cycles

Share Data With Confidence

Sotero Protect enables secure business collaboration, to drive previously unattainable use cases and business opportunities.

With Sotero, you can share data securely and quickly with vendors, partners and downstream systems. Data that you share stays encrypted, with access rights limited to only those you specify.

With Sotero’s ability to transmit encrypted data to downstream systems, you can utilize your data much faster, and accelerate product development cycles.

Protect Data In The Cloud – And You Hold The Key

If your organization has concerns about moving sensitive data to the cloud, Sotero Protect is what you’ve been waiting for.

With Sotero Protect, data stays encrypted while in transit to the cloud and, once there, the cloud services provider cannot view or access your data. Your data is not accessible to the database administrators of the cloud applications, and you, not the cloud provider, hold the encryption keys.

You get all the benefits of the cloud – without the security risk.

Detect And Prevent Data Breaches In Real-Time

Sotero Protect ​encrypts data in data stores, and enables querying of encrypted data, while providing real-time streaming anomaly detection that instantly quarantines suspicious requests.

Sotero Protect analyzes user behavior and responds to threats in real-time to stop suspicious behavior. If Sotero detects abnormal or malicious behavior, you can proactively stop malicious users and quarantine them before they get to the encrypted data.

One Data Security Solution For All Your Systems

With Sotero Protect, you can manage data security and governance for all your data stores, and across your entire product and technology suite, from a single, centralized platform.

And Sotero Protect is a vendor-neutral solution that can work alongside your existing security information and event management (SIEM) systems, enhancing them with additional protections to reduce breaches and data loss.

This, not only bolsters your existing data security program, but also helps your organization reduce security product costs and eliminates the need to purchase encryption licenses for specific databases.

Sotero Data Security Platform Technology Brief

Learn how the Sotero Data Security Platform works, and how companies use Sotero to achieve previously unattainable business outcomes. Download Now
Service/software providers who want to better secure their data.
Organizations that need to upgrade the data security of their legacy systems.
Companies that need to add a higher level of data security to their products to attract or retain customers.
Companies that want to store data securely in the cloud.
Organizations that must comply with international data regulations.
Organizations that share sensitive data with partners, vendors, collaborators.
Companies that share data or collaborate with suppliers and other business partners.
Companies that must move sensitive data to down stream systems.

What Sotero’s Customers Are Saying

As a cloud based platform in healthcare, data security to secure PHI is a key aspect of our commitments to our clients. Sotero enables us to meet those commitments and exceed them. The ability to keep PHI secure during use is a key differentiator.

Murali Menon
Founder/CTO – ClinicalBox

Our partnership with Sotero has allowed Axis to provide a complete GDPR solution for our clients. With Sotero we can address production use cases and provide users with a consolidated reporting environment while allowing data sharing with external entities. We see Sotero as a solution for many previously challenging use cases in the future.

Michael Logan
CEO – AXIS Technologies, LLC

Sotero enables me to provide my customers with data security and privacy. It helps in attracting new customers and frees me to focus my efforts on expanding my products and capabilities.

Ravikiran Dharmavarm
CEO – Exafluence
Health Care Analytics Provider

Encrypting data, particularly for cloud data platforms, is a powerful way to secure sensitive information at rest, but has traditionally been a very high-effort task to accomplish. Sotero has found the solution by building a product to do the hardest parts. Customers can now seamlessly encrypt data which remains encrypted during use for cloud use cases without the burden of spending countless development cycles. This technology is a game changer.

Andrew Lance
Founder and Principal – Sidechain Security