Secure Data Sharing.
Scalable, Easy, Comprehensive.


Sotero Opaque is built upon the unique protections for data in use provided by Sotero KeepEncrypt™. Key features of the platform include:

CLOUD DEPLOYMENT makes it easy to deploy and provide access to customers via a secure web portal.


GRANULAR ACCESS SETTING lets users allow/restrict access and choose selective encryption for fields, rows or parts of a data set.

SCALABILITY AND HIGHSPEED PERFORMANCE minimize user experience impact, that is common with encrypted systems.

ENCRYPTION at rest, in use, and in motion.

CLOUD NATIVE with no software to deploy and manage.

Sotero Opaque

The power of data lies in unlocking the information it contains. Companies often depend on their partners and vendors to fully realize this potential. Doing so securely can be difficult because it relies on mutual trust, a process made more complex because organizations use different tools and techniques, with no common standard.

Clients are understandably reluctant to provide access to their data without proper protections. Unfortunately, the cumbersome methods typically used to safeguard privacy and proprietary information don’t scale.

A revolutionary new method that allows data in use to be encrypted — either in the cloud or on-premises — solves this issue. Data enrichment through matching, for example, is easily achieved in a manner that’s operationally more convenient for vendors and their clients. This enables organizations to build and promote a secure ecosystem to acquire, process and access data without compromising security and privacy.

Comprehensive Encryption. Effortless Usability.

The trouble with traditional methods of encryption is that they protect data at rest, but not data in use, when it’s most vulnerable. The challenges are compounded when working with two separate data sets. Sotero Opaque solves this problem by allowing both vendors and clients to encrypt their data and still perform the required operations on both.

Here’s how it works:

Using Sotero and shared keys, clients and vendors can unlock the potential of data without it ever being exposed.

Use Case: Data Matching

To look for matches in two data sets, Sotero Opaque uses similarity token generation. Sotero Opaque includes phonetic and Levenshtein distance algorithms to find matches. By allowing for both exact and “fuzzy” matches, these techniques can find more matches than other methods.

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