Use Case

Security Ecosystem Consolidation

Organizations’ security ecosystems have countless point solutions that manage dispersed data because it is no longer stored centrally. Sotero is a scalable, technology agnostic SaaS data protection platform allows organizations to remain in complete control of their data privacy while reducing cycles managing and maintaining each point solution.

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Data is no longer stored in a central location, but across disparate data sets, data assets, and applications. On top of this, data is shared with multiple vendors and business units. Tracking data access, abnormal behavior that can compromise systems, and proving data compliance has become a convoluted, near impossible task.


Sotero consolidates the security ecosystem by integreating with applications, data assets, and data stores regardless of where they are located to put data security controls on the data itself, reducing the need for multiple protection solutions.


Sotero saves your team costly cycles by providing a single solution that is focused on protecting the data, anywhere, allowing for protected cloud environments, including SaaS applications.

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