Use Case

Securing Data Sharing For FinTech

Securing data sharing in fintech organizations with traditional data security solutions can hamper developers’ access to customer data. Fintech organizations cannot afford to lose cycles due to deviations between customers’ live data and test data.

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Developers must have access to customer data in order to have alignment with builds. Manual processes to de-identify data are not scalable, by the time developers are able to test their builds, the live data has already changed.


Sotero offers a continuous connection between customer data and developers because it can be connected in real-time with dynamically applied protection. By deidentifying and keeping customer data protected, it can become available to developers for their build process to be aligned.


With Sotero, Fintech organizations are securing data by letting developers test against live data. Developers’ builds have fewer issues, resulting in developers saving cycles on bug fixes. Retain and gain customers by being able to ensure their data remains protected and aligned with regulatory and data compliance requirements.

Share FinTech Data Securely