Use Case

Secure Data Sharing

Securing data to share with vendors, downstream systems, and internal collaborators can also set the building blocks for a culture of data democratization in place. Acquire and retain customers by being able to meet their strict data security and data compliance requirements, and improve speed and efficiency of mission-critical use cases as that were previously stalled by manual data workflows.

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Sotero’s allows organizations to share data rapidly and securely and is key to unlocking sensitive data’s real value and meet data compliance regulations. Doing this in a secure manner is no easy feat because there has been no means for organizations to keep data encrypted and secure while it is being shared with and used by third parties.


Sotero enables organizations to rapidly share sensitive data with downstream systems and third parties securely and at scale, to keep business moving forward. Keeping data secure with Sotero’s patented data in use encryption along with RBAC (role-based access controls).


With Sotero, organizations have the power to confidently allow internal collaborators, clients and vendors to unlock the potential of your data without it ever being exposed. Complete data governance and visibility empower your organization to work towards a model of data democratization to unlock the power of your data. Businesses are no longer held back by data security concerns, enabling innovation and faster time-to-value from data while reducing an organization’s business unit cycles.

Collaborate Securely With Third-Parties