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Ransomware Attack Protection

Don’t let a ransomware attack damage your organization’s reputation or bottom line. Protect high-value data from malicious activity.

Learn how organizations can protect their most sensitive data against ransomware with behavior-based detection, securing their organizations from cyber threats, saving cycles, and preventing costly extortion using Sotero’s Ransomware Protection solution.

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Ransomware attacks are more prevalent than ever, infecting not only endpoints anymore, but also cloud files, bringing organizations to a screeching halt. Most solutions focus on only signature-based detection that detects only known ransomware attack types.


Sotero’s end-to-end ransomware protection solution uses advanced machine learning and behavioral monitoring to protect files in the cloud to stop ransomware infections.


Sotero’s ransomware protection as a service (RPaaS) coupled with all the time encryption gives organizations two layers of defense. File encryption prevents theft and extortion of sensitive data. Our platform includes anomaly detection to detect, isolate, and stop ransomware attacks in real time. There is no impact on usability or performance, letting your team focus on the day-to-day while ensuring your data is secure.

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