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Comprehensive MSP Security for Data

MSP security for data can be achieved with solutions that have a data first security approach that focuses your defenses on the target of attackers. MSPs open themselves up when they secure the perimeter to keep attackers out, which also puts their customers at risk.

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With increasing adoption of the cloud, it is difficult to keep databases and files secure from internal and external threats. Attackers targeting sensitive data often leverage stolen user privileges to infiltrate organizations undetected.


Sotero is a cloud-native data security platform that easily integrates data stores with no code changes or agents that must be installed to get up and running. Instead of focusing on blocking attackers from getting past the perimeter, Sotero focuses on protecting the data itself with encryption, anomaly detection, and access privileges.


Sotero’s holistic data security solution provides MSP security for the data itself, ensuring you meet your customers’ needs by protecting their most sensitive data at the core.

Data Security for MSP's & Their Customers