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Point Sotero to your existing data assets and applications to protect sensitive elements in your database, test applications, and discover Sotero’s full functionality, including our single-pane dashboard.

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Trial limited to 2 attributes and 1M records. If this does not meet your needs, please contact us for assistance.

Use Pre-Loaded Sample Datasets
Select one of our pre-loaded datasets to explore the power of Sotero’s data security platform. Immediately assign role-based access controls, encrypt and decrypt elements while using Sotero’s single-pane dashboard to view the data as it displays to a user based on their privileges.

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Single Pane Management

When we say we protect any data, all the time, we mean it! We allow your organization to remain in control of your data - from visibility to governance and auditability across all your data stores and applications - through a centralized platform.

Simple Data Security

With our platform you can get up and running within days instead of months! No application changes are required. And it’s so easy to manage all your data that you no longer need a security expert to cross-reference point solutions.

Data In Use Encryption

This means that data remains encrypted even while it’s being analyzed, returning encrypted results! We can’t even view your data in plain-text.

Control Who Sees Your Data

You decide who gets to see sensitive data in its encrypted form. With role-based access controls at the data level, you remain in control of your data at all times.

Cloud Data Security

Cloud-native data security keeps data encrypted while in transit to the cloud and, once there, the cloud services provider cannot view or access your organization’s sensitive data.

Key Management

You stay in control of your keys, we don’t even have access to them. Even when your data is stored in the cloud, DBAs no longer have access to your encryption keys.