Use Case

Data Warehouse Security

Data warehouse security is increasingly difficult as high volumes of structured data must be accessible, yet secured to maintain governance. RBAC (role-based access controls), all the time encryption, and active threat monitoring prevent data leaks from insider threats external threats.

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Data governance must be maintained in order to keep the sheer volumes of structured data located in data warehouses secure by identifying sensitive data and restricting access. The majority of the time, there no audit trail of what modifications have been made to the data collection.


Data Warehouse Security can be achieved with Sotero that selectively de-identifies and encrypts data to protect customers’ sensitive information.  The platform also uses Role-based access controls to allow different data access for different groups.  Now multiple groups can access data through their respective user privilege levels.


Users can access the entire warehouse while data is kept protected through surgical access controls that don’t impact users’ day-to-day. Sotero allows flexible security management of the entire data volume by controlling both user role and data sensitivity for complete data warehouse security.

Download the Use Case