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Data Lake Security

Data lake security is dependent upon identifying sensitive information and restricting access to it to ensure data governance. As important as security, is users’ ability access data in a meaningful timeframe to gain key insights that contribute to their organization’s bottom line.

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Because data lakes contain massive volumes of data that not only individuals but also machine personas have access to, there are often few audit trails on object modifications. This lack of auditability can cause issues with data compliance.


Data lake security is enforced with Sotero that can de-identify data in different objects in the lake to protect sensitive data. This makes data readily available to users without compromising data security or performance.


Sotero provides enterprises with data lakes in-depth data modification tracking and a fully attributable access trails that helps them stay in compliance. Encryption for all data types, access restrictions, and active threat monitoriing prevent data leaks from both external and insider threats.

Secure Your Data Lake to Be Compliant