Secure Third-Party Data Management

Achieve rapid, secure data sharing with collaborators,
partners and downstream systems

Organizations often depend on sharing data to fully realize the data’s potential. Doing so securely can be difficult because organizations often use different tools and techniques – with no common standard.

The Sotero data security platform employs the revolutionary ActiveEncrypt™ technology that keeps data encrypted throughout the data’s lifecycle: at rest, in motion and in use – wherever it resides. This enables your organization to share data securely and quickly because the data stays encrypted even while it is being analyzed, with access rights limited only to those that you specify.

Sotero gives your organization the ability to establish a data-sharing environment that is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, PHI, and more; with rich Phonetic and Levenshtein distance algorithms with fuzzy and exact matching capabilities, including complex matching on encrypted data.
The Sotero platform allows data to be co-mingled, matched, and shared without the need to send plain text data into an environment. In addition, high volume, multi-tenancy data can be processed quickly and with ease. With Sotero, you have the power to confidently allow clients and vendors to unlock the potential of your data without it ever being exposed.