Data Security Inheritance

Add any data asset or security product to the Sotero data security fabric and it automatically inherits all data security capabilities

The Sotero data security platform employs an innovative data security inheritance capability that saves time and costs associated with implementing data security features.

Enabled by the Sotero platform’s data security fabric, data security inheritance enables you to add any security product, application or data asset to the fabric and it automatically inherits all capabilities of the Sotero platform, including data in use encryption, real-time threat detection, access control and management, key management, single-pane governance and more.

No changes are required to applications or data assets. Simply point any application or data asset at the Sotero data security fabric and it immediately inherits the functionality that already exists within the fabric.

With the Sotero data security platform, you benefit from a single technology that protects any data asset anywhere in your organization, whether the data is a relational database, semi-structured, structured, or unstructured data; and whether the data is on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Data security inheritance not only strengthens your existing data security framework, but also helps your organization reduce security product costs, while eliminating the sprawl of encryption licenses for specific databases.