Cloud Data Security

Take advantage of private cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud data storage, knowing your data is secure

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As organizations shift more of their sensitive data to the cloud, they introduce several cloud data security vulnerabilities:
  • Cloud providers require customers to provide their own data policies and do not enforce these.
  • Cloud data is accessible to database administrators in plain text, leaving a large security gap.
  • If data in the cloud is encrypted by the cloud or application provider, the provider holds the encryption keys.
Due to these data security vulnerabilities, your organization may be hesitant to move sensitive data to the cloud.
Cloud-native data protection keeps data encrypted while in transit to the cloud and, once there, the cloud services provider cannot view or access your data. Your data is not accessible to the database administrators of the cloud applications and you, not the cloud provider, hold the encryption keys. User privileges can prevent cloud administrators from viewing unencrypted data. Database administrators who directly access the data store will see only encrypted data.

All sensitive data is encrypted, including all data fields in all applications, adhering to the AES-256 standard. This includes heterogeneous applications, such as ODBC, RDBMS, and JDBC databases, and applications deployed on-premises, in a private cloud, or in a public cloud.

With the Sotero platform, you get true cloud data protection, enabling you to realize the benefits of moving data to the cloud without the security risk.