Use Case

Data At The Edge Protection

Protecting data at the edge is easy with Sotero. Organizations can process high volumes of IoT data in a timely fashion at next to no latency. Sotero enables a production framework that supports multi-petabyte analytic warehouses without impacting privacy at scale.

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Traditional data security solutions protect data only when it is stored in a centralized location. Data at rest and in motion is protected by various encryption methods, but as soon as data is accessed it becomes decrypted, and thus insecure.


Sotero integrates with applications both on and offsite to place security controls on the data itself rather than placing it on the perimeter like legacy solutions. With Sotero, organizations can now enable secure storage, use and analysis of data at the edge with limitless integrations, OS-independent libraries, a secure streaming network, and asymmetric encryption keys for data/application pairs.


Sotero replaces numerous security point solutions with a centralized data security platform for managing all data assets wherever they reside, protecting data at its source. This eliminates the need to migrate data to a centralized location, saving you time and money.

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