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Data Analysis in Healthcare & Pharma

Timely data analysis that is secure is the difference between the cutting edge and laggards in the healthcare and pharma spaces. Due to stringent security requirements of patient-level data, organizations are forced to transfer data manually. Sotero provides rapid yet secure data access, accelerating the data’s time-to-vaue from months to hours.

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Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies need to promptly make clinical trial data available securely to downstream systems for relevant data analysis, and need to comply with stringent security requirements with patient-level data. This makes it very difficult for pharma and healthcare companies to securely leverage the benefits of cloud technology.


Sotero encryption protects data at all stages, including in use, ensuring that the data is not visible to unauthorized users even if stolen. Sotero uses machine learning for anomaly detection to identify and stop data misuse, blocking threat before the become a complaince violation.


Sotero provides tracking records for continual data compliance and accelerates the data’s time to value from months to hours. Sotero’s technology easily integrate into into your GxP regulated environment, rather than spending cycles on testing and validation.

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