Meet the future of Data Protection


Sotero was founded with the singular objective of enabling organizations to protect their most important asset, their data. Sotero is redefining data security with its innovative approach of both securing data as well as identifying all potential attempts to steal data. Sotero’s unique encryption based approach, protects data at its core, making it impossible for data to be stolen. In addition to protecting the data, Sotero uses advanced AI & Machine learning to detect and flag malicious attempts before they happen. This is a recognition of the fact that a known threat is usually one that has already occurred. Sotero’s approach is to identify such attempts before they happen. While security products focus on the environment, the network and the periphery, Sotero focuses on protecting what matters, data.

With its distinctive ease of deployment, requiring no application modifications, and the ability to utilize a single product for multi technology data storage environments, Sotero provides an unprecedented level of security.

Founded and based in Boston, the company is led by a team bringing decades of data management, protection and advanced technology expertise to solving the single most critical issue that organizations face today, protecting data.