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Cloud Data Protection

Sotero’s cloud data protection blocks unprivileged parties and cloud providers from accessing or altering your sensitive data by limiting access to files with role-based access controls (RBAC), preventing unauthorized sharing. Whether you store data in public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, seamless integration allows your users to continue their daily work, being unaware of tracking and protection occurring in the background.

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Cloud providers have limited security controls and rely on a shared responsibility model that requires customers to bring their own cybersecurity measures. Database administrators have access to encryption keys, rendering cloud data vulnerable to data security breaches.


With Sotero, your organization controls your encryption key, not the cloud provider, keeping external parties from accessing sensitive data.


Sotero protects your cloud data storage and seamlessly integrates with cloud application services. If the cloud provider is breached, your data remains secure. Tracking of all access requests creates a record for continual data compliance , providing you with complete cloud data protection.

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