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Sotero is a unique security product that addresses the biggest weakness in today’s application environments, unprotected data. Most breaches and data losses occur in protected environments that are equipped with networked and edge security as well as user validation.  However, the data is never protected and is stored as plain text. Encryption is often utilized as a security measure to secure data at rest. Couple this with the fact that the most hacks or intrusions that are known are ones that have already occurred. So, a policy or configuration based approach does not work.

Sotero approaches this with a unique product that utilizes encryption and machine learning. Sotero’s proprietary algorithms enable data encryption in use. Data operations are performed against encrypted data without the need to decrypt, eliminating the biggest risk in leaving data unprotected. Second, Sotero employs a Machine learning based frame work that evaluates transactions in real time and assigns a “threat score”. These scores are used to identify anomalous transactions.  Transactions that don’t fall within acceptable score thresholds are immediately quarantined, eliminating the threat. A range of metrics are used to evaluate the transactions and their threat scores.

Sotero’s deployment approach is one that is application technology agnostic and location agnostic (cloud or premise based). The solution works with a range of data storage platforms including Oracle, Sql Server, mySql, Postgress, & Hadoop. The product requires no application modifications or expensive integrations


Protect enables applications to access and use data in its secure encrypted state.

It operates between your application and database.

Your application makes the same database requests and Protect does the rest

  • Provides a single point of data access to minimize security and privacy risks.
  • Supports native data store functions so application access to critical data is seamless.
  • Works with most application data repositories, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and Hadoop.
  • Is application technology agnostic.
  • Uses industry leading AES-256K encryption to protect data at-rest, in-transit and in-use.

Data Protection with Ease

  • Meets stringent data protection and privacy requirements.
  • Integrates seamlessly to applications with no modifications.
  • Eliminates the need for constant encryption and decryption to use data.
  • Facilitates the migration of sensitive application and data to low cost cloud environments.




Detect uses AI and machine learning to detect suspicious data access attempts

  • Analyzes transactions from Protect logs.
  • Models and establishes accurate baseline for user and system data usage patterns.
  • Continuously monitors and provides built in intelligence to identify potential anomalies.
  • Alerts for suspicious attempts to access critical personal and corporate data.




Prevent works with Detect to either quarantine or stop unauthorized access

  • After alerting suspicious attempts to access data, Prevent will quarantine the transaction request.
  • If critical security thresholds are determined, Prevent will shut-down the transaction altogether.